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3 Badass Fitchick Hairstyles

Tired of a simple ponytail? Try one of these badass fitchich hairstyles to get ready for your workout!


All these hairstyles are created by Anouk from Glitzandglamforyou. Check out her instagrampage for more inspiration and tips!

Mohawk updo with braids

This first hairstyle is one you all love on instagram. And I agree, it looks so cool! It stays in place really good too so that's awesome to work out with!

Double braid updo

You can leave this hairstyle long with two braids or you can choose to bring the ends of the braids underneath and create an updo like in the pic. A very firm and badass hairstyle as well!

Huge bubble braid

I love this one! Braids are my favorite and this one makes it look like I have so much volume. A perfect, badass workout hairstyle!

Which is your favorite of these three hairstyles?

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