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Food Diary 4/11/2019 - 10/11/2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I decided to try and get back on track in finding a healthier balance food-wise. To keep myself accountable, I'm giving this weekly food diary a try. Curious about what I'm eating? Did I get some results eating like this? You'll find out here:


Sidenote: I'm trying to eat around 1500 calories a day, this calculation is based on my height (159cm), my current weight (55.6kg), my fat percentage (32 percent) and my daily activity (not much since I work on my computer almost all day). Please calculate the amount of calories that YOU need, in function of your goals.

Monday 4/11/2019

Breakfast: Spinach, dille, egg whites, olive oil, smoked salmon and two eggs (406cal)

Snacks: 2 mandarins, nuts (180cal)

Lunch: Hummus, crackers and some soup (387cal)

Diner: Sweet potato fries in airfryer, black angus burger, string beans, joppie sauce (538cal)

Total: 1511cal

Omelet for breakfast with spinach

Tuesday 5/11/2019

Breakfast: Spinach, dille, egg whites, olive oil, smoked salmon and two eggs (406cal)

Snacks: Pineapple (75cal)

Lunch: Crackers and some soup (210cal)

Snacks: 2 mandarins (50cal)

Diner: Steak, joppie sauce, string beans and sweet potato fries in airfryer (535cal)

Snacks: Ginger tea (0cal)

Total: 1271cal

Wednesday 6/11/2019

Breakfast: Spinach, dille, egg whites, olive oil, smoked salmon and two eggs (376cal)

Lunch: Soup, spelt bread, fried egg, cheese, croquette (618cal)

Snacks: Kiwi Gold (63cal)

Total: 1057cal

Lunch at Brasserie "Boven de rivieren"

Thursday 7/11/2019

Breakfast: chocolate bar (83cal)

Snacks: Vitabran cookie (82cal)

Lunch: Soup & white bread (226cal)

Diner: Ribs & nasi goreng (706cal)

Total: 1097cal

Friday 8/11/2019

Breakfast: spelt bread & jam (445cal)

Lunch: Soup (14cal)

Snacks: Vitabran cookie (82cal)

Diner: Black Angus steak, mayonaise, pepper sauce & thin french fries (700cal)

Snacks: Waffle Liège (223cal)

Total: 1464cal

Vitabran cookies

Saturday 9/11/2019

Breakfast: Soup, smoked salmon, crackers and blue berries (285cal)

Snacks: Vitabran cookie (82cal)

Dinner: Lasagna & baguette (519cal)

Snacks: Leo waffle (176cal)

Total: 1062cal

Sunday 10/11/2019

Breakfast: 2 pastries (541cal)

Lunch: 2 sandwiches (342cal)

Diner: Rice & chicken (342cal)

Snacks: Kiwi Gold (46cal)

Total: 1271cal

Conclusion: I've stayed around the calories that I wanted BUT I notice that whenever I've eaten something less healthy, I tend to skip meals to compensate. And in total, the fat percentage of the food I eat is still to high, next week I'll try to go for more carbs&protein. It wasn't easy to watch my food since I had multiple lunches outdoors for business and with friends. I did manage to choose a healthy option most of the time. At the end of the week, it got harder to make good choices food-wise.

Progress? I can definitely see some small progress in the mirror already, I'm less bloated and feel leaner. On the scale, there's a slight difference too. My weight is now 54.6 kg. My sleep was better this week too, so that's a win!

Let me know if you want to see an update next week as well!

Find me on instagram @sofievanhooydonk

Special thanks to Shari for the guidance this week!


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