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How I increased my flexibility in 1 month // Veritas Sports Challenge

In the past month, I commited to do a stretching routine 3 times a week to increase my flexibility. How did I stick to that plan and have I reached my goal? Read more:


There are several things that made me stick to my plan of doing a stretching routine 3 times a week:

Plan it in!

I made sure that I scheduled the stretching sessions so that I would'nt use the popular excuse 'I just don't have time for it'. Grab a planner or agenda and look for spots where you can schedule in your tasks to reach your goals. It's important to make time for your dreams. Planning is the first step to success!

Tell people.

Through instagram I announced that I was participating in this challenge. By telling others, I felt more motivated to stick to the plan and reach my goal. The same thing applies to having a buddy with the same goals. You can be workout buddies and stimulate eachother to go to the gym, you can be study buddies and motivate eachother to focus, .

Make a routine out of it.

Instead of dragging myself to my garage for a stretching session, I made it a routine. After the first two weeks, it felt like a regular task. Like brushing your teeth! Don't worry if it doesn't feel like a routine immediatly, we have to program our mind and body by doing things on repeat to make it a routine. 

Stay motivated.

Sure, there were times when I didn't feel like stretching. That's when I looked for motivation! Through YouTube videos, flexibility pics, motivational music, ... I found the drive to keep going! Look for something that motivates you to reach your goals. Some people like to visualise their goals. If you feel that way, make a collage and place it somewhere you'll see it every day. 

Track your progress.

I took lots of pictures to see if I got any better. This definitely worked for me. I saw myself improving and I wanted to do better and better! If you're looking to loose weight for example, don't use the scale as a reference. Take pictures and you'll see the difference much better. Not every goal allows pictures to track progress, writing down progress is a great way as well! For example, if your goal is to pass an exam, write down which chapters you learned every week to track your progress.

Did I reach my goal?

Yes I did! I stretched 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes and saw my flexibility improve! I'm very glad I participated in this challenge and I want to keep doing this, incorporate it in my workout routine. 

What are your goals at the moment?

A big thankyou to Veritas for supporting me in this challenge. All items shown in the pictures are from their new Sports Collection

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