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How to get rid of a food baby: 7 tips

It happens to all of us, our belly blows up so big that you could mistake us from being pregnant. What to do about it? Keep on reading:


Help, food baby alert!

The difference between your body when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed can be HUGE. Our stomach gets so big sometimes that people could think you're pregnant. It might be because of what you eat, it might be hormonal, it might be just a bad day...

What to do about it?

To reduce your foodbaby, follow the next tips:

  1. Write down what you eat and when you get a foodbaby. Your stomach might get so big because of something you eat. When you find out what, you can avoid it!

  2. Don't stress! Try some yoga to keep calm.

  3. Limit your sugar intake!

  4. Make sure you get enough sleep. Read my tips on how to sleep better here.

  5. Don't go doing cardio like crazy! It's not fat that causes this sudden foodbaby, it's your stomach

  6. Don't eat too fast and chew your food well. It prevents getting a lot of gas in your stomach. Also eating salt and drinking bubbles (carbonated drinks) inflate your belly.

  7. Try some tea to improve your digestion and get rid of your bloated belly!

Good luck!

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