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Mini Bands Exercises For The Booty

It's a hype to use resistance bands in your training. Don't know what to do with those mini bands? Time to share some great mini bands exercises for the booty!


Exercise 1: Side walks

If you want to shape your butt, you need to tone the muscles on the side of your legs as well. This exercise is a great way to do just so. Begin standing with your feet right under your hips and squat down a little bit. You don't need to get into a 90 degree angle to feel this burn! Take a step to the side, as far away as possible with stretching the band. Resist the pull of the band while bringing your other leg to the starting position. Try to do 20 to 30 steps!

Exercise 2: Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks or kickbacks are perfect for mini bands. Choose a mini band that's pretty elastic so you can stretch it out far. You can perform this exercise with your hands on the mat or you can choose to lay down on your elbows. Try to form a straight line with your back. Attach the band to the sole of the foot you'll be raising and to your ankle. While lifting the leg, stretch the band as far as you possibly can and return to the starting position. Try to do 20 reps and repeat on the other side.

Exercise 3: Bridge pulses

Go lay flat on your back with your arms next to you and bended knees. Attach the mini band right above your knees. You can choose a tight band for this exercise. Lift your butt towards the sky and squeeze your glutes together. For an extra burn, hold it up for a second and push your knees outside, you'll feel the burn while pushing against the resistance band. Come back down and repeat. Try to do 20 reps!

Exercise 4: Standing kickbacks

Stand up with your knees slightly bended. Attach a resistance band right above your ankle to the sole of your foot. Push the band back while keeping your balance. You might need to hold on to a chair or wall at first. Squeeze your glutes while you push back with your foot. Hold it up for a second to feel an extra burn! Try to do 20 reps and repeat with your other leg!

To get a full workout, repeat these exercises for two more rounds!

About the mini bands:

I received a pack of mini bands from Fysiosupplies to try out, you can find them here. There are four kinds of bands in this package: light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. You can feel the quality is good and they have a long lifespan!

I really like that you can choose a different band for every exercise. It's just not possible to do donkey kicks with the tightest band for example. If you don't need an entire pack of mini bands, they sell them seperately on their website as well, yay! There are much more exercises you can do with these bands but I hope you liked these already (these exercises are my favorites, they're so effective!)

Why do I recommend to get a pair of mini bands? You can use them anywhere: in the gym, at home, outdoors or even on a holiday! They weigh very little so you can take them everywhere. Using these, you make sure your workout is as intense as if you'd use weights at the gym. Besides that, it's a safe way to train your muscles. The possibility of getting injured with booty bands is much smaller than using heavy weights.

Have you ever tried working out with resistance bands, did you like it?

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