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My Hair Care Routine: L'oreal Botanicals Fresh Care

I have long hair that needs the proper attention to keep it looking healthy and pretty. I use the Safflower Rich Infusion line from L'Oréal to achieve my favorite look and feel. Like to know more about these products? Keep on reading!


This shampoo is prepared with oils from saffloer, soja and coconut to revitaise dry hair points and to feed it intensive. The smell is relaxing and fresh. Yes I had numerous people who asked if they could smell my hair and know which products I use 'cause it's such  a great scent. No lie! This shampoo foams bountiful, which I like too.

Conditioning Balm

This conditioner is prepared with oils from saffloer, soja and coconut to untangle dry hair, feed it and soften it intensive. It has the same relaxing, fresh sent as the shampoo, based on Eastern basic nuts from amber, vanilla and cashmere wood. The conditioning balm is inspired by a Brazilian technology and makes your hair flexible.


I like to use a hair mask occasionally as well. This one is again prepared with oils from saffloer, soja and coconut to feed the hair and soften it intensive. The same relaxing and fresh odor for this mask! The texture? A rich, pearl white cream that feels like a hair pomade.

How to use? Apply the mask over the whole length of your hair. Leave it in for 3 minutes and rinse with cold water.


Besides these 3 products, they have a Softness Salve in this range as well which you can use on dry hair. I did not buy this product because I feel like my hair gets the perfect treatment using the 3 other products in the range.

Another plus: No silicone, parabens or dyes are used for the products AND the packaging is made of 100 percent recycled material.

Which products do you use for your hair?

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