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Tips for your first yoga class

Yay, you reading this means you're interested in taking a yoga class, which I think is a great idea! How should you prepare for a yoga class? Let me give you some tips:


Taking a new class is always exciting. I'm usually stressing about what to bring and what to wear, so let me give you some advice for yoga class.

The outfit

What should you wear? Sporty or comfy clothing. Most yogi go for thight leggings, a sportsbra and a top. Make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes!

Be careful with:

  • see-through leggings

  • shirts that don't stay in the right place

  • supershort or super loose shorts

  • holes in leggings (yoga leggings are really thight and get to rip a lot)

  • loose tanktops (they fall over your head in some poses)

  • bare-necked sportsbra's (active yoga can make your boobs fall out!)

I like to wear high-waisted leggings for yoga. Also, I do recommend to wear socks to start the class. You might still be cold and you can remove your socks if you're warmed up and start the balancing/stretching exercises. In the pic below, I'm wearing a long-sleeved, thight shirt ('cause it's often cold while practising yoga outside!) from Fabletics, black leggings from Gymshark and a high-neck sportsbra from Hunkemöller.

Yoga mat

Find out if there will be yoga mats available and if not, bring your own! I have a personalised one which I'm very proud of! You can find all kinds of yoga mats online in stores like,,, ...


  • Make sure to bring a towel, yoga can be very intense and you might sweat a lot.

  • Take a bottle of water with you to hydrate!

  • A snack to eat after class. When you burn calories, you need to refuel your body. Go for something healthy like a banana!

  • Don't forget to bring a change of clothes if you need to be elsewhere after your yoga class. There's often the possibility to take a shower too.

  • An open mind! Every yoga class is different depending on the teacher and the style. There are SO MANY different kinds of yoga, from very quiet and mindful to a quick flow with difficult poses. I've written blogposts about Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga and Restorative yoga already. Check the outfits in the blogposts as well to find out what to wear!

  • Yoga is practised on bare feet so you don't need any socks. Unless you like to warm up in them like me!

Have fun practising yoga!

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