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#BendibleBody is YOUR step-by-step guide to get super flexible in 30 days, with only stretching 15 minutes a day!

#BendibleBody is perfect for beginners and advanced stretchers! Every exercise in the stretching schedule has some modifications to make it more difficult or easier.


There aren't a lot of stretching books and barely NONE with an exact schedule to follow. The pictures make it a unique book as well, there are lots of visuals included about how to stretch, with modifications to make the exercises easier or harder. Thanks to the urban shooting locations, the book turned out badass.

– Information about the program
– Stretch facts
– The schedule to follow
– Warm-ups
– Detailed stretches
– The stretch test
– Exercises index


In this program, you'll be working on your flexibility for 4 weeks. Week 1&2 are similar and week 3&4 are similar too. This way you can track your progress. Out of 7 days in a week, you'll be stretching on six days. Every session starts with a warm up to prevent injuries. 

You can pick a warm-up from 6 warm-ups, each with a different intensity. The stretching sessions alter different exercises. This way, your body can recover enough before starting a new stretching session. The exercises are well explained in detail with pictures.


Sofie Van Hooydonk has her own dance school and has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She organises dance events and teaches stretch classes. Besides that, she's a content creator on instagram, sharing her journey combining a busy lifestyle with being fit and active. (@sofievanhooydonk).

#BendibleBody e-book (ENG)